We are back! Sorry I missed you yesterday I was feeling a little down but I’m back on my feet today. This morning I did an epic yoga class on My Yoga Online from instructor Pedro Franco called Peaceful Warrior: Heartful Flow. This class is so crazy challenging and amazing, left me sweating from head to toe and feeling great.

Today is Freebie Friday! I love Friday’s on the internet because all our creative friends usually post funny stuff to look at or watch or cool stuff like DIY’s for the weekend, top stories of the week, all that good wrap it up and make the last leg of the week heading into the weekend great kind of stuff.

So for my Freebie Friday post today I’m going to redirect you to some really great Friday content from blogger friends and leave you with a few other goodies for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ ‘That’s what she said..?’

Ensemble Magazine: Happy Friday: De Beste ‘That’s What She Said’ Grappen Uit ‘The Office’

This next blog is so great, and Canadian, love it.

PoppyTalk: 10 Summery Weekend Projects!

DIY Nautical Knot Bracelet

Something I may not have mentioned, I love cars! Ayrton Senna is a legend and Honda definitely shared a few smiles with this one. The post is from yesterday but we’ll let it slide in as well :).

Digital Buzz Blog: Ayrton Senna: The Sound of Honda Installation

In case you hadn’t heard yet, Google teams up with Motorola… slightly shocking, is it just me?

Uncrate: Moto X


More from Google, did anyone already know about the Cultural Institute project they just started? This is super cool:

My mom’s garden, can you believe the size of the produce coming out of there? Would just love to be there to eat all those zucchini flowers right up – deeelicious:

Mom's Garden

Peace and love.

Yours Truly

6 thoughts on “Freebie Fridays That’s What She Said & Then Some

  1. The summer garden with zucchini, cucumbers, garlic, beans, swiss chard, fava beans, and tomatoes to name a few is full of life. The plants are different but they are the same. They require care and attention from the gardener and nature. They give back the fun of watching them grow from small plant to producer of many offspring. The miracle of life, birth, growing and even death is made abundantly clear. Lucky are we to participate.

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