Today is just one of those days when all I’m interested in is light and fluffy content. I’m looking out my window and for the first time in so long I see the blue sky. The sun is shining and I couldn’t be more grateful. The winter months here in the South of France are dreadful. Full of grey, rainy days and cold winds. So when we get a little reprieve from the usual, the best way to celebrate is with a fun loving blogger.

The blog inspiration for today is called how sweet it is written by Jessica.  I love this blog for so many reasons. First, the design is so super clean and crisp, page load times are fast and everything is well-organized and clear to read and see. I’ve been coming across one too many blogs these days where the advertisements overlap some of the content depending on the screen zoom or it takes forever to load the content.

How Sweet It Is

Another thing I love about this blog is the fact that Jessica doesn’t claim that anything you’ll see on her blog will be healthy or nutritious. Disclaimer: she doesn’t claim the contrary either. Although she does admit that vegetables and she are the best of frenemies! Hilarious right? I think I consume so much organic, sustainable, vegan, vegetarian, conscious content (that I do love) but that sometimes you just want to take a break, have some fun, don’t you? At least I do. And during times like those I turn to how sweet it is.

First of all, comfort foods abound this website, and for anyone who’s a bacon lover, well (as always click on the image to be directed to the recipe on the how sweet it is blog):







And some more, bacon! (And there’s lots more bacon recipes where these came from :))


But Jessica features dishes of all kids including drinks, sweets, burgers, pasta dishes, tons of southern style cuisine and more. Here is a quick look at some images from the recipes I just hyperlink-ed to:

How sweet it is food pics medley

ACS Opinion: Another thing I love about this blog is that Jessica posts a weekly menu that can be found at the bottom of each page:

How sweet it is weekly recipe

There you can click on quick links to recipes she’s planned out for each day of the week. So clever! What’s also nice about this section is the ‘love, love, love’ column just next to the weekly menu, which is a list of other small blogs on food that she recommends. Further she does her weekly currently crushing on posts that are full of great links to awesome recipes from other sites that she finds.

One recommendation I have for Jessica is to take a look again at her category recipes query since I found way more bacon recipes by browsing through her posts than were offered when I checked the ‘bacon’ category from the automatic category search function.

Jessica’s writing style is very informal, which makes her seem more real and easy to relate to. We get that sense right from her tag line: how sweet it is, for people who, like, totally love food. I think it’s super cute!

So if you’re having one of those days when you want to read some fluffy, fun, carefree content check out Jessica’s blog. You will not regret it :).

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